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Taking control of YOUR brand identity

We will publish a series of short articles focused on this subject "Taking control of YOUR brand identity".  In this first article, we will discuss the reasons behind why businesses feel the need to make their mark in order to stand out.

Have you considered the true value of an effective logo?

15th May 2009

It's fair to say that the last few years have seen intensifying market conditions, due in part to economic instability, and also a significantly increased focus on e-commerce. Many local businesses are, for the first time, finding out that they now have to compete with the Internet's vast catalogue of vendors. Understandably with so many sales messages bombarding consumers it has become easy for new enterprises to get lost in the noise.

Market leaders can afford to invest millions of pounds each year in advertising. Planning to compete with these big budget campaigns is certainly ambitious, but it isn't realistic. Keeping a tight reign on finances is always going to be a top priority for any start-up or SME.

Does that mean you should give up promoting your business and developing your brand identity? Absolutely not! So what steps can a small enterprise take to separate itself from the pack?

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By Daniel Thomas McDonald | Communications Manager

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